Here is a picture of My Dear Willie. He loved Everybody!
He was Great Dane and Border Collie. I ran him on the dirt road and trails, alongside my truck in an undeveloped subdivision. I had run the dogs through the little trail next to the road literally hundreds of times. One day I stopped an extra moment, in the cut bank, to read about the 1st corrupt bastard to get busted. Big headlines.
I had no clue he was in a snare just out of my sight. When I looked up
I thought he had run ahead and I drove away. I searched and walked 10 feet from his body, but did not find him until the next day. He was frozen solid with his eyes open. He was probably running full speed when he hit the snare. No laws were broken. They
threatened to track me down and shoot me after I complained on KSRM
radio. This was so wrong in so many ways. The trappers said it had to
have been a kid, and that I couldn’t say a trapper trapped my dog! We
bothered no one.