Our dog Ranger
From: Bill Zeddies

“Our dog Ranger was caught in a wolf leg hold trap during the year of the 30 foot snow in the Mat Valley, Alaska. It was very hard to find him, despite the eerie cries from somewhere behind our home.
Our friends came to help the search. Finally we found him, his front leg tightly held by the trap, blood surrounding the scene. The carcasses of whole salmon and duck skins hung in trees over the trap set, irresistible odors for any animal from miles away.
I cut the traps hold down wire from a tree and carried him through the deep snow to the road. There we threw a blanket over his head. My wife held him while I stepped on the traps spring, releasing its tension while Ranger screamed in agony.
Off to the vet we drove. An emergency appointment was necessary at the clinic. A surgeon worked to pull 5 broken teeth and remaining roots damaged as he tried to gnaw the trap from his leg. HIs lips were frost bitten from the cold steel. HIs leg was nearly de-gloved (skin stripped off). HIs leg was broken.
I called fish and wildlife who examined the scene but only said the trapper was unethical. He knew the man from another trooper who was related to the trapper.
Ranger is still alive, but busy paying off the vet bill which is currently at 2000 dollars. He may still need more dental work as he still has cracked teeth from his day in 2013. Screw trapping.”