koda1Today (ed. note: December 26, 2015) as I was walking my dog Koda along a trail on public land near the confluence of the Knik and Matanuska rivers Koda was caught in a snare trap probably set for wolfs or coyotes. I stopped on the trail to look at some birds and Koda wandered off the trail about 50ft. When I called him back he yelped and started to struggle. Luckily he listened to me as I told him to sit and stay as I was running to help him. I was able to detach the trap from the tree but could not loosen it from him. It was very lucky the snare was caught around his shoulders and one leg and not just his neck. Had it been around his neck he surely would have died. I was several miles from help and did not have a phone with me. After an hour of trying to drag him on my jacket a neighbor in a ranger found us and brought us home. The vet was able to cut the snare and there was no lacerations only bruising. We also met another neighbor at the vet whose dog had also been caught in a trap today in the same area. Please share this with friends and make people aware of the dangers of irresponsible trapping practices!!! The trail we were on was in the Butte, AK at the end of Republican Way.