“As we stepped away from the bank of the creek to continue walking we were started by a simultaneous yelp and snap. Kobuk was leaping toward the trail but his hind leg was caught in a steel leg hold trap. Kobuk would have likely ended up in the same trap if he had been on a leash. He was near me the entire time. My husband proceeded to kick the snow around the trap and found a chain attached to another one, that had I moved a few steps closer, I might have stepped in while calming the dog.  We had no idea there were traps hidden under the snow. I kept picturing my husband, holding the hand of our three year old, trusting that he was safe while all the while there had been something hidden in the snow that could have seriously harmed him. This is one of those issues that I do not want to see ignored until a child or adult is harmed. I do feel like God protected my kids – and the dog.”