Duck killed in Conibear trap near Matanuska Lake Park

Last Nov. (2015) I was walking “Lukey” along the upper bluff of E. Matanuska Townsite Road when I heard someone yelling to “Lukey,” “get out of here.” Man was on the RR tracks and when he saw me look over the side of the bluff he said ” there are traps all along here and the RR tracks” and “to go somewhere else.” I appreciated the heads up but continued walking down the road with a lot of caution to the bottom of the hill where the road crosses over Spring Creek. I, as well as many other people go to this area to exercise and also take photos of the the numerous moose grazing in the creek and Eagles perched in the cottonwoods looking for muskrats and ducks. The finding of the dead duck in the Conibear trap happened last Sat. Most people walking their dogs stop to let them drink from Spring Creek where this Conibear trap was set right along side the road. No flagging or warning signs of any kind to indicate there was trapping going on in the area. In the summertime many families let their children play in the water at this very spot. Very unnerving to think that I was standing in the creek throwing a ball for “Lukey” just two days prior; exactly where this Conibear trap was set.