Bessie and Jane

From: Jane Baldwin
January 20, 2015

Bessie n Jane“I was running with my 3 dogs from Flat Horn Lake back to Ayershire Road outside of Pt McKenzie. With about 5 miles to go one of my dogs got caught in a trap. She started screaming and I grabbed my bear spray, thinking there MIGHT be a moose (the dogs had found a big chance of moose meat under a stump just moments before). I ran into the woods and her leg was caught in a trap. She was rocketing all over the place completely freaked out of course. As I came close she bit my bear spray canister and it exploded in my face. She got some too. I thought, “You have got to be kidding me” as a burst of orange stung my face and set it on fire. I could see how to open the trap but there was no way I had the strength to do it. I saw the weak link: the “S” Hook holding the chain to the tree. I was able to get the trap off the tree by prying an “S” hook off with my Leatherman (thank God I had it and thank God I was wearing contact lenses so my eyes would clear for a second before I had to slam them closed again). I had to carry my dog, foot and trap hanging, to the trail. I noticed another trap in the snow. I called friends who were coming along on snowmachines. Luckily they were just about 2 minutes behind me. They were able to get the trap off my dog’s foot. Miraculously she is fine!!! She just had a cut on her foot. But my other dogs had to run another 5 miles out. One of them is 11 yrs old, and the other was a little lame to begin with. She is still recovering (the lame one). The other 2 are fine. I am incredibly lucky. But that trap was set LEGALLY about 10 feet off the trail. The Palmer Trooper with whom I spoke told me that setting a trap IN a trail is legal and I should have had my dogs on leashes. (miles from everything? Should we never ever let a dog run free? Why have one then?). I think trapping is barbaric in any case but that is beside the point.”