Cylas and Alpine

The story of Cylas and Alpine

Daring duo escapes yard October 3, 2014

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Photo from the missing dogs flyer the family posted as they searched for their dogs.

Photo of Cylas and Alpine from the missing dogs flyer the family posted as they searched for their dogs.

Update: The two dogs were found Tuesday, October 7. Cylas was caught in a wire snare and His leg is in very bad shape. Alpine wouldn’t leave his side and stayed with him the entire time. [Editor’s note: Five Days] He heard his owners calling and came to find them and lead them back to his buddy. Unbelievably loyal dog!  “Cylas is at a local veterinary hospital but they don’t seem to be able to ascertain if the leg is viable,” their owner said. “The wound appears to be infected and they are worried about sepsis. K9 surgeons and vascular specialists seem to be basically impossible to find here and the few there are don’t have any openings. I am blown away that I find myself in a situation where this dog can survive five days with no food or water in the cold and I can’t seem to find him the specialty care he needs.”

Does this look like wilderness to you?

Does this look like wilderness to you? [click to enlarge]

Original story: A trio of boys are heartbroken after two escape artists tunneled their way out of their fenced yard Thursday. The daring duo were last spotted near the Crevasse Moraine Trailhead off Loma Prieta Drive in Palmer. The family has been out searching and posting signs, they checked with local vets this morning, all to no avail. The two, a Springer Spaniel named Alpine and a pointer named Cylas, took off between noon and 2 p.m. October 2, possibly lured out by grouse or snowshoe hares, which they may have chased through the trail system in the Kepler Lake area. Anyone who sees the two or knows where they might be is asked to call or text (###-####). Getting them home would put smiles back on three boys’ faces.