cocoSo I was out with my kids and my dog on a very popular trail area on the backside of lazy Mountain that accesses Wolverine  canyon. This is a neighborhood area that people use for all manner of activities. My kids and dog were gone for maybe five minutes when I heard my kids yelling for me that there was something wrong with my dog. By the time I got there she had a snare wrapped around her neck and had no pulse and no breathing. Now snares are very tricky and you have to know how to get them undone or else every move that you make on them only adds to tighten them back up. I got the snare off and checked her vitals and she had none. Her tongue was purple and she was totally limp. I did a series of chest compressions with no result. Finally my Friend came up and gave her a good uppercut punch to the diaphragm and it worked. It took about 20 min for her to even be able to sit up again but ultimately she was  ok, other than having a tough time eating for a few days. I have been finding traps all over my neighborhood on borough trails as well as the side of the road. One was even directly across the street from my neighbors driveway. Over the years I have caught my snowmachine skis on traps that the trapper was too lazy to even set off of the trail. I’m not opposed to trapping but if your going to try to live some sort of 1800’s fantasy at least go out in the woods.  (Ed. note: December 2015)