Dogs in Snares

From: Nancy Podgorski
December 17, 2014

legsnare“There were two snares about five feet from each other. This happened at the Palmer Hayflats, just off the Scout Ridge Overlook trail. This popular trail loops around by a lake and our dogs were off-leash (as usual – we hike this trail daily, or we did. Now we go down below and out on the actual hayflats or to the dog park at Lake Lucille Campground). We heard our husky screaming in pain and got to her quickly – she was about 15 yards off the main trail. While we were getting her out of the snare, our lab who had followed us as we ran to assist Annie, got caught in another snare just a few feet away. It was not a fun hike! Our lab just stood there so he wasn’t injured. Our husky had tried to get free, biting the snare and pulling back, so her leg swelled up and she had a cut in her mouth.  X-rays showed nothing broken and she was put on medication for two weeks (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory). The vet bill was $277.00. We called the troopers but they said it was perfectly legal to trap by a trail even though this is a high-traffic area (we’ve seen kids, dogs, horses, etc. running around the area).

You can see where the wire dug in and the swelling that resulted (left leg).The snares looked like they were for rabbits – thin wire. There were no signs on the trees or in the area warning that snares were there. The wires were about a foot off the ground and connected to small trees.”

Does this look like a sensible place to set snares? [click to enlarge]

Scout Ridge trailhead. Does this look like a sensible place to set snares?       [click to enlarge]