Shssh! It’s a Secret…

Following are a series of recent (2015) Alaska Dispatch News articles that emphasize all the recreational opportunities in the Mat Su Borough and/or all the different activities that occur in popular recreational areas involving families, pets, and off-trail users.  Notice that NOT ONE article mentions trapping activities, which co-exist on and near all of the trails and recreational areas in the Borough…in fact, EVERYWHERE within the Borough.  It is the Mat-Su Borough’s “best kept secret,” the secret they don’t want to advertise and the secret they don’t want you to really know … until, that is, you have firsthand experience.  In other words, the Borough welcomes trappers, and further, their rights supersede yours.  Reference the “Trap Safety for Pet Owners” brochure published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  YOU MUST LEAVE THE AREA when you encounter traps or snares!  This can’t be stated enough – YOU MUST LEAVE.  All other users must defer to the trappers since they have absolutely NO RULES when it comes to the placement of their killing and maiming devices within the Mat Su Borough.


Orienteering is just one of many off-trail uses. The article below discusses the growing interest in this activity. Orienteering participants should be aware of the dangers traps pose to their activity.


This article addresses the growing popularity of biking as a sport within the Mat Su Borough. It also addresses the funding that has been provided for bike parks and trails. Note that the trapping organizations have not provided funding for these areas, but yet traps have been placed in ALL of the areas mentioned within this article, including at Matanuska River Park where this new bike park is located.


Just kids and their dog sledding. What an innocent picture/moment! Traps exist within Hatcher Pass, so don’t stray too far from the sledding hills…


Lights at Government Peak Recreation Area coming soon! Various entities and individuals have partnered to make this one of the premier recreational areas in the Borough. Just know what other “recreationalists” are also welcome.