Help Us


  1. Participate!  Join us by adding your name to our email list to let you know about upcoming events where we need your action by calling, emailing, or attending public hearings to get laws changed to protect our family members.
  2. Share your stories by contacting us through this website’s “contact” page. Providing stories of pets and/or other experiences with traps in highly-populated areas such as trails, subdivisions, etc. illustrates the necessity of enacting common-sense ordinances to insure that these incidents don’t continue with all the consequences and costs being borne by the unsuspecting trail user, pet owner, etc. If you have pictures of the event, please provide them as well.
  3. If you live outside the Mat Su Borough, but recreate out here and care about this issue, please send a letter of support addressed to the Mat Su Borough Assembly. Send your letter to the Alaska Safe Trails correspondence address: 941 S. Cobb Street, Palmer, AK 99645.
  4. Let us know you are willing to help in whatever way you can.  We are currently determining the next course of action, but whatever that may be, we will need your help! Email us at