Alaska Dispatch News, 9/23/15 – Commentary by AST

Trappers shouldn’t be free to endanger hikers and pets

Alaska Dispatch News Commentary by Lynn Mitchell, September 23rd, 2015

ADN photo by Zaz Hollander

ADN photo by Zaz Hollander

“Recently the story of Kathleen Turley (formerly Adair) of Juneau who mercifully released an eagle from two steel traps and then subsequently sprung other traps in the area for safety reasons is back in the news. The story is back in the news for one reason: The trapper who set the traps, John Forrest, is suing Ms. Turley for “damages” in excess of $5,000. He is being represented in such a frivolous suit by a high-powered attorney and fellow trapper, Zane Wilson. Further, since two men seem to not be enough to take on the apparently worthy adversary of Ms. Turley, the Alaska Trappers Association is fully and publicly providing support. Ms. Turley must be a very formidable foe indeed. This whole situation reminds me of a bunch of bullies in a schoolyard – bullies who are picking on a woman who could be their own daughter! Shame on them! What a fine example and representation of the “ethics” of trappers. So let’s examine those ethics, shall we?…”

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