About Us


Alaska Safe Trails was formed to advocate for local ordinances prohibiting traps and snares on Mat-Su school properties and along/within high-use recreational trails.

What motivates the mission? Ask yourself the following questions.

What would you do if:

  1. Your dog was caught in a trap/snare that you could not release?
  2. You had to ski/bike/hike past a wild animal caught in a trap and suffering for day after day within feet of a popular recreational trail?
  3. You knew that no areas were off limits to trappers and that you are the one advised to leave the area if you discover traps and snares (F&G pamphlet, Trap Safety for Pet Owners)?
  4. Your pet survived a trap or snare, but the veterinary bill was in the thousands of dollars?
  5. You knew that you are the one who is “the criminal” and can be prosecuted by removing or tampering with traps and snares that are placed in obviously inappropriate locations?

Join our cause, and hopefully, you won’t ever have to find out “what you would do.”